Grants and Funding

grants and funding

Subject to available funds, the ABF Foundation will provide a range of funding opportunities to applicants.

To apply, write to us about your proposal and include the following details:

Applicants should supply basic information such as:

  • Your contact details;
  • The details of your proposed project/use of funds;
  • Who will benefit from the funds/event/project;
  • Explain how you have determined the need for these funds;
  • Financial and budgeting details;
  • Disclose if you have been convicted of any serious offence;
  • Disclose if you have been found guilty of any serious bridge offences.

What are the obligations of successful applicants?

Successful applicants will be required to::

Enter into a formal agreement to abide by the ‘funding rules’ which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Written reports;
  • Photos which may be used in promotional material;
  • Tangible and timely evidence of project finances;
  • Full access and rights of the Foundation to use all work output;
  • Act appropriately as an ambassador for the ABF Foundation and the game of bridge.